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Blogging for Profits!
Having a well designed blog is a powerful way to drive online traffic and build a database.  Right now, blogs are a hot topic and how to have a blog make you money is the newest trend.  Take a look at this recent article and you can discover how to have a blog change the face of your online business!

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Start My Own Company Online? Should I Take That Plunge?
“Should I start my own company online?” Millions of people worldwide have asked themselves this question in the past few years. As the internet grows and traditional businesses are on the decline, “should I start my own company online?” is a very logical question and one that deserves to be answered by a qualified individual. So, before you read any further, let me tell you why I am qualified to answer that question…

As a former mortgage professional, I watched as my industry and my employer got squeezed into oblivion. While this was happening, I began to ask myself, “Should I start my own company?” Well, long story short, I did start my own company online and thank goodness I did. My online company has enabled me to weather the storm of the recession. Literally, my life was changed by my decision to start my own company. Ok, enough about me… you can read my profile if you want to know more. My only reason for telling you this is to emphasize that I am qualified to answer the question “Should I start my own company online?” So now let’s move on.

If you are debating on starting your own company online, here is what you first need to ask yourself. These questions are absolutely critical to determining your chances for success. Remember, most new businesses fail within the first year. Let’s try to keep you from becoming a statistic.

Would it bother you to put in hundreds of hours of work BEFORE you make any money?
Any new business will require a huge effort. Whether the business is online or traditional, if you are to succeed, you better be ok with doing a great deal of work before you ever see a profit.

Have you always been a “paycheck” type employee?
If you have the mindset of getting paid every two weeks or every month, then you need to be able to change that mindset before you start your own company. You could go months before getting a paycheck.

Have you ever worked on a commission basis?
If you have, then you probably are a step ahead. You are used to getting paid for your production rather than getting paid for your time.

Are you willing and able to invest time and money into your own education?
This is a VERY important question. Starting your own company online means that you may need to learn some skills that you have not yet learned. Not only will you need to learn some website and web design skills (even if you have a site designer it will be in your best interest to learn a few things so you are not always dependent on someone else), but it will be imperative for you to learn some online marketing skills. These are things that only the very top marketers really know well and you will not be able to get this information free. Think of it as tuition, you are going to need to learn how to market online and you will probably need to pay tuition in order to do it. If you are not willing and able to learn and invest both time and money, then you may be in trouble.

Do you have a deep rooted desire to succeed?
Starting ANY business requires a gigantic commitment. You CAN be successful with an online business if you are persistent, consistent, motivated, and driven. The problem with most people is that they think it is going to be easy and their expectations are not realistic. Having an online business is nothing close to “get rich quick”. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. However, you can get rich with an online business if you have the right work ethic. And best of all, you can do it from home and without a boss!

I am a huge proponent of starting an online business. With franchises and traditional businesses requiring $50,000+ to establish, an internet based business in the neighborhood of $5000 is a relative bargain. Low overhead, no employees, and flexibility of schedule are just a few of the wonderful benefits. But, one really must learn the proper skills and have the proper work ethic in order to achieve success. If you have the right ingredients, then the answer to “Should I start my own company online?” is a most definite “YES”! The rewards can be fantastic.

Blogging For Web Site Traffic – How to Have a Blog Earn You Money!

Blogging for web site traffic is a common occurrence with internet marketers. How to have your blog earn you money is something that anyone with a web presence (or for that matter any type of business) should take the time to learn. I’d like to briefly discuss how this can be accomplished with just a little effort. In fact, if you are new to blogging, you may find that it is not as difficult or intimidating as you might think.

A blog is simply a web site that you set up where you then post your opinions, thoughts, pictures, videos, etc… There really aren’t any set rules when it comes to blogging. It’s your web site and you can do whatever you want on it, and I should mention that you can do it for free. That’s right, you can start a blog for absolutely no cost. Now, if blogging for web site traffic is your goal, then you are going to want content on your blog that is aimed at attracting the audience you are looking for. If you can accomplish this, then you have also discovered how to have your blog earn you money. Let’s look at some examples to make this a bit easier to understand.<

Example One: You have an online store and you want to increase traffic to your site.

If you have an online store, that makes you an expert in whatever you are selling. Even if you are new to that market, you are now an expert. You can now write product reviews, take pictures and videos of different products, and provide general information about many of the items that you sell. Put this info on your blog and put a link from your online store to your blog, send out emails or postcards to your database notifying them of your new blog, and post testimonials from satisfied customers. You will soon find that people will go to your blog just to get information, and when you link your blog to your online store (which is really where you want to direct people) you are now blogging for web site traffic!

Example Two: You own a retail store.

So you don’t have a website yet, only a brick and mortar retail store. You want to establish a web presence but you do not want the expense of designing a custom web site. No problem! Start a blog and do everything I mentioned above, plus one more thing… Take pictures and/or mention your happy customers in your blog! Hey, everyone loves to read about themselves. Put their picture or their story on your blog and not only will they go there, they will tell their friends to go there too! Guaranteed, that person will now be a repeat customer. You have just discovered how to have a blog earn you money!

Example Three: You are in direct sales of a product or service.

This would apply to someone who is perhaps a Realtor, insurance salesperson, CPA, network marketer, or any other direct sales person or independent contractor. For you, blogging could make a very significant difference in your business. Here’s why… Stop and think for a moment how many people there are out there who do exactly what you do. It could be a staggering number. So, how can you possibly set yourself apart from the rest, show people that you are different, and earn their business without spending thousands of dollars on advertising? I guess you already know what I’m going to say- with a blog! You can write articles about yourself and your service, show pictures of you and your family (this lets prospects know that you are just like them), pictures of your pets (people love that), photos and testimonials from satisfied customers, and different examples of your expertise in the field. In short, you have created an online brochure for yourself. If you have a business web site already, don’t forget to link it to your blog so you’ll once again be “blogging for web site traffic”! You will also want to add your blog’s address to your business card and marketing materials.

Blogging for web site traffic can be a fun project for you and it can add a great new aspect to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new in your field or if you have 20+ years of experience, discovering how to have a blog make you money is something that you should explore today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Greg_Preite


The economic crises of the recession has left many people searching. It is nearly unfathomable that so many highly intelligent, highly educated people find themselves in a position of financial limbo. Now forced to seek out alternative methods of income generation, many are turning to the internet. In fact, Forbes Magazine recently reported that in the next 3 years, 79,000,000 (yes, 79 Million) people plan to start their own business. The vast majority of these will be jumping online to do so. That presents a unique opportunity as education will be a premium service required by all of the new “net” entrepreneurs.

My purpose in starting this blog is to offer solutions, ideas, and help to those venturing into the online business arena. After all, it wasn’t long ago that I found myself doing the same thing. Today, with successful traditional and online experience under my belt, I aim to be a resource for others wishing to get started. I would encourage you to explore this blog, read the articles, and watch the videos. You can take a look at my businesses and learn about things I have done to improve profits and traffic.

I would also invite you to subscribe to this blog and follow me on Twitter. This will allow you to receive new information and posts as soon as they are released. Feel free to leave comments and contribute and, by all means, you can always contact me directly.

Finally, for those of you tackling the world of online business, I would offer you a free online marketing bootcamp. 11 days of free marketing tips delivered to you every morning via email. You can register quickly and easily by clicking the link on the right hand side of this page.

As always, I wish you success in all you do!


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